…so it’s time for a resolution. Like Michelle, I’m looking at baby month. Our remodeling isn’t quite done and though I’m tempted to panic, I can’t quite get over the excitement and anticipation. This is the month when I’m going to see the face and snuggle the toes of the little person who has made my body her home. This is the month when I’ll see my husband, for the first time ever, as Daddy to two girls. This is the month when my baby will be transformed into the big sister and all these months of anticipation will have an outlet.

This month will be better than Christmas, because I get the best kind of prize of all!

So, then, what do I resolve for this month? Oh, there’s a lot that needs done. I have no business sitting here typing up a resolution; I should be either scurrying around doing something around the house or kicking back and sleeping so that I can be up early. (And you know by now what I think of that sort of thinking!)

This month, I resolve to savor this little family of mine. I want to spend some time gazing into my husband’s eyes, whether he’s gazing back at me or enjoying Play-doh birthday cake with the big sister of the house. I will tickle and snuggle with the getting-bigger-every-minute girl, whose world is going to get a big change and who’s going to define, for me, what it means to be the mother of a big sister. (Having been a big sister myself, I can’t help but think that we’ll have a lot to talk about someday, though my little sister wasn’t nearly so close in age to me.)

While we wait for Baby2 to enter the outside world (and try to convince her that sooner isn’t better, at least for a couple of weeks!), I will stop and smell the woodsmoke and apples and slowly decaying leaves of fall beauty all around me. (Come to think of it, I’d like to do those things once she comes too!) And once we have her in our arms and disrupting all our routines, I resolve to look past the inconvenience to see the shower of blessings (remind me of that when I’m sleep deprived, would you and battling the blues, would you?).