It was an unexpected weekend, in part because I wasn’t online much, and certainly not enough to blog or play in any significant fashion. It’s unexpected too, because I feel no remorse or loss in that statement. It is merely a fact, and a joyous one.

My Offline Weekend was spent in prayer at a prayer retreat our little parish put together (which was WONDERFUL), in company with a Small Fry (the days of Toddler-tron are waning…) whose weight on my lap and soft hair tickling my chin was straight from heaven, and with that Resident Student who had his homework done on Friday night and dedicated his Sunday to…US!

The internet is a wonderful thing, really it is. My laptop is great, and the two combine, many times, to be my window to the world, my outlet to sanity and possibility. But this weekend I was reminded of a greater good. This weekend, spent offline, I was reminded that the bumbling around I do is just a hobby, a way of passing my free time, a method for giving my spinning wheels some dirt to move. This weekend, I was reminded that playing does not supersede living, that enjoying does not trump loving, that being does not bump being with.