Well, here it is, more than halfway through Poetry Friday (hosted this week by none other than the lovely Kelly), and it’s my first chance to steal a moment (and stealing I am, from the smell of those dishes!) to figure out just what I would post.

What to do?

Why, go to Poetry Foundation (Karen, have I told you thank you for that link lately?) and do a search.

I typed in busy.

What I got back might just get printed and taped to my forehead. Here’s a taste:

A World to Do

by Theodore Weiss

“I busy too,” the little boy
said, lost in his book
about a little boy, lost
in his book, with nothing

but a purple crayon
and his wits to get him out.
“Nobody can sit with me,
I have no room.
I busy
too. So don’t do any noise.
We don’t want any noise
right now.”

Here’s the rest. Enjoy, smile free of charge!