I love memes. No, I do. If you happen to be the kind person who tagged me back (ahem) before Lent (on Wednesday, December 19, specifically), you might not believe me. If you happen to be one of the three who tagged me in the last two days, you might wonder if there’s any hope I’ll ever get my answers posted.

You’d be right to wonder, I suppose, given my recent track record.

I assure you, I’ll get at least one meme up this weekend. (Um, yeah. So now you’re wise to the fact that this post is not, in fact, going to be a meme. Did you sigh? Loudly? Like I do in the middle of the night when the baby gets up for the fourth time and the three-year-old stumbles to my side of the bed and softly, sweetly, asks me to sleep with her please?) And anyone who has had an email conversation with me lately AND has a blog had better, um, watch out. It’s likely I’ll tag based on who’s top-of-mind (with no regard for whether you will complete the mem or whether you have already done it).

What I love about memes is that they take care of the information for a post. The thing is that lately, I’ve only had enough time to post what I want to write about in a post. No time for that extra stuff like memes.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate everyone lovin me enough to tag me. Cuz I do. You know I do, don’tcha?

So we’ll see how the weekend goes. A couple of the things I had to do this weekend are done, and maybe I’ll split my computer time between reading the wisdom of the blogs I have been missing and writing up answers to a few of the memes that are a bit (cough) overdue.

Until then, I leave you with a few of my favorite things: quilts fraught with memories and fresh air, courtesy of the earlier-this-week wonderful spring weather, and chubby cheeks ‘neath a blue denim hat, filled with memories of other chubby cheeks that were once ‘neath it. (Consider this last your dose of baby drool for the day, and have a cup of tea with that smile still on your face.)