I’m tired. I had, in theory, planned this to be a rest and recuperation week. I didn’t really believe I’d need it, though. I thought I’d be able to take a good nap and jump right back in the saddle.


Today brings me to a post of the odd mash-up of things on my mind (as opposed to things looming on my to-do list):


…book reviews

…the CNMC

…baby feet

…the Big Move of my sister-in-law this weekend (which involves all of us, in some way)

…my new washer, being delivered this morning


…friends who need prayers

…the habit of family prayer

…the heat and humidity (which I know are nothing compared to what you folks in the South have!)

…the possibility of a date night with my husband in the next month

…baby clothes

…the weeds taking over my flowerbeds (again)

…my two-year-old’s new habit of taking a bath right after she wakes up

…the feel of a small hot head under my chin at 1:47 AM

What’s on your mind today?