A Mary Moment Monday post

A year ago, we were still living in the old farmhouse.

Now we’re in a palace.

A year ago, the boy was just starting to roll over.

You can see what he’s doing NOW…

A year ago, I didn’t have any books published. And now…

On the last day of April, as the weather warms and the breeze beckons, I can’t help but reflect on the season of life I’m in, right now, right here.

The change of seasons seems to do that to me.

Especially when the kids are changing so fast. Especially when there’s so much going on around me. Especially when things can change at any moment.

The present moment is so often lost on me.

I’m planning. I’m thinking. I’m juggling.

I have a lot going on, even if only in my own mind.

When I see Mary–by my sink,

on the walls,

in a nook–

she reminds me that the Yes I most need to say is the one I say right now.

I’m going to be learning THAT lesson until I die, I think.