Today, on the Book Tour circuit:

I think my “fun quotient” just rose a few points.  And what’s even cooler is that this is just the beginning.  I have several more ideas to try, all thanks to Sarah’s great little book.

That’s from Ginny at Random Acts of Momness, and her “Ay, carumba” is now part of my lexicon when it comes to describing Catholic Family Fun.

Over at, Lisa Hendey (yes, the Lisa Hendey) shares this:

But don’t leave this book sitting on a shelf. It’s one that deserves a permanent spot on the kitchen counter. If used properly, it will probably be graced with fingerpaint smudges, muddy spots, and cookie dough. I plan to write the dates in our book when we do Sarah’s recommended activities, and to include a few notes on what we learned and special memories of the fun we enjoyed.

And don’t forget…

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