Well, in the time I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been reading.

And picking up the house.

And doing laundry.

And chasing kids.

And…well, I guess you don’t need me to justify an absence, do you? That justification is on ME.

Some of the reading I’ve done has been quite remarkable, and in the interest of FINALLY writing about books again (and other things, too, but let’s start with what’s easiest, and right now, that’s books), I have written reviews of three novels I read this summer.

082316 Register book feature

What I’m sharing here are one minute reviews: what I can share in a minute or less. (To read my full thoughts, go over to my blog at the National Catholic Register.)

First up: The Perfect Blindside, by Leslea Wahl.

cover-perfect blindside

This is a young adult novel featuring a touch of romance, a lot of adventure, and no shortage of angst. The characters felt identifiable in a way that made me almost enter Mom Mode (that was scary) and the plot had me staying up a bit later than I should have to finish reading.

Next: Iota: A Novel, by T.M. Doran


A slim book that made me think out of all proportion to the number of words. I’ve really enjoyed Doran’s other books, and this one is just as good. This book explores abuse and torture in the context of a post-Nazi Russian prison of sorts. But it also explores an inner realization of truth and the surprising experience of mercy.

Last but not least: Lord of the World, by Robert Hugh Benson

cover-lord of the world

Wow. This is a classic I had never heard of, but which boasts “I advise you to read it” – Pope Francis on the front cover. It’s dystopian and timeless, feels a bit prophetic, and makes you examine a few of your beliefs a bit differently. If the word “hope” has seemed inaccessible to you before, and you’ve wondered why euthanasia gains popularity in our world, I think this book may help with that. And if you’ve ever wondered how faith can matter and the way the fight is fought from a basis of faith, here you go. Quite a lesson.

To read more of my thoughts on each of these books, read my full reviews at the National Catholic Register.