I put the full reviews up over at my blog at the National Catholic Register, but thought I’d share about them here, too. Because hey, YOU might like to read too. 🙂

Looking for good reads? Here are one-minute reviews of TASTE AND SEE and BEAUTIFUL MERCY, books I really enjoyed.

These are actually fairly recent reads for me…goodness knows I have a WHOLE STACK of books to write about (and an even larger two shelves (and some change) of books to read and THEN write about)…

Beautiful Mercy, edited by Matthew Kelly


Confession: I’ve been a bit burned out by Catholic reading. So I didn’t pick this up because I wanted to. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that someone I really respect and highly regard all but forced it on me, I wouldn’t have ever read it.

And it would be my loss.

This is some of the clearest and best writing on mercy that I’ve come across…and there’s no shortage of that kind of writing this year. But don’t think it’s “Catholic Lite,” because it’s not.

Kelly has gathered some great writers and tapped into their great writing…but even more, he’s uncovered what mercy is and what it means to normal, regular people in the pews.

I dare to call this a must-read.

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Taste and See, by Ginny Kubitz Moyer


So…another confession. I am not such a fan of the song by the same name. If I didn’t know Ginny rather personally and admire her writing quite a lot, I might have passed on this book.

But it’s not just a clever title that might make you think of a song you have certain associations with.

In fact, this is a book that’s packed with food for thought and calls to prayer. It’s the kind of book that plants itself in your mind and encourages you to grow closer to God through the everyday experiences of your life, through your senses and how God made you.

It’s manages to be both prayer book and delightful read.

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What have you been reading lately?

(Because I’m ALWAYS looking for gems!)