one noble journeyIt’s a tale of two friends, one that has lovely illustrations and a powerful lesson about forgiveness.  We read One Noble Journey, by Dixie Phillips, in the car recently, and both of my girls clamored for the next page.

“Mommy!” my four-year-old exclaimed when the Count broke up the two friends as they tried to sneak a raccoon home.  (If he had done it because of the raccoon, I wouldn’t have blamed him myself.  I’m not a fan of raccoons as pets.  But maybe that’s my country roots coming out.)  She gasped when he came in and accused Journey, our heroine, of stealing.

Though she didn’t ask me to reread it at the end, which involves a thunderstorm and a ride on the Count’s shoulders, she will eventually.  I’m putting it on our bookshelf, you see, where it will join the other delightful reads we curl up to enjoy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book as part of the virtual book tour.