The Week 12 guide for the Online Retreat in Everyday Life is here.

We’re at a point in this retreat where there’s a shift, a change in direction. Instead of this experience being about ME, it’s becoming clear that it’s about US – Jesus and I.

We’re continuing to fall in love, to find out what it means to be intimate with Jesus, to accept His love and return it with our own.

Does this seem strange to you? Does it seem like this kind of love should be reserved for romance? Do you have a hard time seeing how this is going to work?

Ask Jesus to help you. He created our desire for love; He knows best how to fulfill it so that we will feel, at last, quenched.

Let go of your reservations, just for a moment. Take Jesus’ hand and walk with Him. Find out more about Him: His life, His beginning, His purpose. Don’t aim for too much this week – just that small hand-holding walk together with Jesus. Let’s see where it takes us.