My devotion to Mary has really blossomed this year as I’ve explored her different titles. I’ve come to see her in so many different ways, and I’ve been inspired by how different people in different cultures have embraced Mary, made her their own mother, their own sister, their own companion.

But if I had to name a favorite title, I think this week’s title would be in the top five: Our Lady of Combermere.

It’s a little-known title, one that probably has mostly regional devotion. I had never heard of it, and I’ll bet you hadn’t either (unless you’re from Canada).

Our Lady of Combermere is extraordinary in her normality, in her littleness, in her obscurity. She started as just an expression, really. There was no apparition, no spinning sun, no fireworks display. There was only a small group of people who lived their hidden lives and asked for her help quite conversationally, the way you would ask your friend down the road to lend you a bit of milk so you don’t have to run to the store.


How many things in life do I say “only” this or “only” that? How many little incidents — everyday miracles — pass without notice because of that four-letter word?

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