We can imagine our lives like a house. Our lives, like a house, often have nice front yards. We might even invest lots of money in presenting an impressive drive-by image. Just inside our house, there is an entryway and living room, where we greet and entertain most of the people who get into our lives. People who are more intimately involved in our lives get invited farther in as dinner guests, next door neighbors or life long friends. And, of course, there are the intimate places in our house – the bathrooms and bedroom – where only the most intimate parts of our life happen. But, in every house – in every life – there is a basement (or attic or garage) where the less than presentable stuff is kept. This week, we can imagine going down in that basement. Even if there has been a lock on that door and I haven’t visited it in a long time. I need not be afraid, because I’m going to go down there, accompanied by Jesus, who will show me all the stuff that is there. There’s old stuff there I wouldn’t want to show anybody else. There’s embarrassing stuff there, in hiding. As I walk around it all, I can imagine Jesus telling me he loves me here, in this place. I can hear him tell me he loves all of me – the whole me.