Dear Prince Charming,

It is our second Father’s Day together, though the third since you’ve been a father. And what I cherish most about you and us is here, in these days that salute you.

To me, you’re the best ever. I see the little world you’re creating with our daughter, and I can’t wait until the second one is here to join you there. I peek in and treasure the cuddles and the conversations that I’m not a part of, where I’m the bystander recording, when I’m off doing the Mommy things.

So much of what you do as a father is done away from here, when you trudge off to provide for us and make this little castle a reality. Your “father” hat makes you the grown-up around here, but your “daddy” hat makes you the beloved to all of us. As “father” you clear your throat and impose order; as “daddy” you fix what’s broken and hug what’s not.

I didn’t envision Father’s Day being one of my favorite holidays for US. I mean, you’re not my father, right? And there is the magic of the day for me, dearly beloved. You’re not my father, no. But you’re the father of my children, and you’re the very best one for that vocation. This day, I get a chance to forget about what I think we should plan, how I would like to accomplish my goals, why x and y work best for q and r. Today, I get to bask in your fatherhood and I get to enjoy seeing my best friend and hero up on the pedestal I should keep him on.

You do a great job, honey. Thank you.