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Seven from Heaven

Yeah, that title is a little over the top, I know. And I am a little over the top today. After a week of two — count em, TWO — new births in our families, I think I’m a little justified in that, don’t...

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Joy and Sorrow

This weekend, we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. There are all sorts of good things you can read about that, and you don’t need to surf far in the Catholic blogosphere to find all you could ever want to know.I...

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At One Year

Dear Meredith,You’ve gone from being “Merdiff” to Yue-yue to Yueie to Noonie and Deet-deet. I have no idea where your sister comes up with these nicknames…but they fit. Somehow, the radiance of your smile, lighting up the...

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A weekday cuppa

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