If you’re on this page, it’s either because curiosity is burning within you or because you’re visiting from Twitter.

Either way, welcome!

What is Peerybingle?

It’s the last name of the main characters in one of my favorite Dickens stories, The Cricket on the Hearth.

Why do I use it as my main Twitter account?

Well, there are three reasons.

1. I like it.

2. It’s based on one of my favorite stories.

3. I consider it my “comfy slippers” on Twitter.

(Hey, I didn’t say they would be brilliant reasons!)

So there you have it.

Why don’t I use my name like everyone else?

I’m glad you asked. I do.

@SarahReinhard is where I link all of my writing in various places. That’s it. Just my writing. Nothing extra. (Except I’m not so good at keeping it always updated. Which you’ll notice.)

@SnoringScholar (which is my blog name) is a feed of the posts that go up at my blog, Snoring Scholar.

And if you want more, I’m curating content for a great newsletter that comes out every weekday: Triple Take. It’s three takes on the day, Catholic-style. 😉