It’s been a while since I’ve pointed you to the other writing I do, so…here’s your chance to click and find the voice you know and love here in other places (which you are also welcome and encouraged to know and love):

Advent Dropouts, Unite!

OK, maybe not. In this month’s “Just for Moms” at, I share encouragement for you as you face what I think of as the Impossible Time Of Year (no matter what I do, how I plan, or how peaceful I feel).

Book Notes

Lisa Hendey and I have launched a new weekday feature at Book Notes. On Tuesdays, I’m just talking books: what I’m reading, what I’ve read, what’s new on my review shelf (or any shelf). You can see a taste of that today, as a matter of fact, because…it’s Tuesday!

Last Friday, I shared a longer interview of Katharine Grubb. (Remember when she stopped by here for a Twitterview? She’s just as entertaining in long form! And her book! GO BUY HER BOOK!)

Mary Moments

The latest episode of iPadre is up, and that’s my voice you’ll hear during the Mary Moment.

Tech Talk

There are Catholic Techies to meet and apps to love. Bishops who tweet and more. Much, much more! (I’m the editor and lawnmowing crew for Tech Talk at…it’s so! much! fun!)

Status Updates

Hey, some of my best writing is in 140-character chunks. Oh wait, that’s not writing; that’s capturing the things my five-year-old is busy with.

Observe (newest at top):

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And with that, I’ll leave you to clicky-linky fun, rippy-wrappy things, and busy-whizzy deals.