As we commemorate Memorial Day, let’s join in praying for peace — in our world, in our country, and, most importantly, in our own hearts:

To Mary, who is the Mother of Mercy and omnipotent by Grace,
let loving and devout appeal go up from every corner of the Earth:
from noble temples and tiniest chapels,
from royal palaces and mansions of the rich as from the poorest hut;
from every place wherein a faithful soul finds shelter,
from blood-drenched plains and seas.
Let it bear to her the anguished cry of mothers and wives,
the wailing of innocent little ones,
the sighs of every generous heart,
that her most tender and benign solicitude
may be moved and the peace we ask for be obtained for our agitated world.

Pope Benedict XV on May 5, 1917
(Eight days later, Mary appeared to three children at Fatima, Portugal)

Courtesy of Women of Grace Daily Grace Lines

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