We interrupt our hat talk to ask for your prayers for Poppa Gene. He has been struggling with heart complications for a while, and in the last few weeks there have been some additional “actings up,” which he, in his Marine-ness, calls “no big deal.”

It’s a big enough deal to ask for your prayers in this public way, though, despite the fact that my phone may start ringing and I may have to recant in a few hours with a “All’s fine!” post.

In fact, that’s what I’d love to do, recant. 🙂

I’d especially ask you for your prayers for my mother-in-law. She’s had a bit of stress here lately, and though she’s been a trooper (near Marine level, really), there’s a fine crack running through her and threatening to break her wide open.

UPDATE: At 9 PM, things are…quiet. The doctor suggested that Gene go to the hospital. Being either stubborn or feeling miraculously cured, he flat out refused.

It will be a night for praying. (And it won’t be the first…or the last.)

I have a post scheduled to go live first thing in the morning, and I hope I won’t be online updating between now and then. Because I am still hoping to recant, you know. 🙂