I found out this evening that my aunt Charlotte, age 50, passed away last night, apparently in her sleep. Please pray especially for Grandma, who found her and who is facing that unique challenge of having a child predecease her. Aunt Charlotte was a special part of my growing up and one of the most special memories I have is of her singing to my girls the way she used to sing to me.

This week, when you find yourself humming along with the radio or singing a silly song, say a prayer for us, would you? If you find yourself watching The Sound of Music or taking a young child to McDonald’s, will you say a little Hail Mary? Should you hear a laughing baby or see an entranced preschooler, think of us and say an Our Father, won’t you? I’d be so very, very grateful.

**Note: You’ll see some book reviews go live this week, because of the wonders of Blogger’s scheduler feature. However, you might not see much else.