I was all set to share pictures of the baby today.

And then…

And then something happened. Not to me, but to a dear friend.

And I find myself, this morning, praying with a hurting heart.

It’s not a new feeling, and this year, especially, has been a year of exploring this sort of prayer, of learning what it means to experience joining my suffering with Mary.

Why is it that praying feels like it’s not “enough”? But that’s all I can do right now. Pray. I know, from being on the receiving end of prayer, that it’s plenty, way more than “enough.” My hands, though, long to hug and do. They will have to clutch Mary’s hand, instead, and sit idle while my friend struggles in pain and sorrow.

Will you join me? I can’t share details, but I can tell you that my heart is ripped in two for this friend. Let’s join together, combine our intentions, and offer prayers for each other. It might be the best thing we can do to end the year.

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