This morning we woke up lazily, with the girls, and I made coffee and we talked about our party last night.  We came home with tiaras and treats from Bob’s company Christmas party, which was delightful, and it was turning into a nice Saturday morning.

And then Bob told me about the phone call he got from his brother.

My father-in-law was taken back to the hospital last night, and he’s in ICU.  He had just returned home from the other day’s adventure in the ER.

Please pray.  There is no way my children will see him while he’s there, and we didn’t go over yesterday when he came home because…well, there was a party to prepare for, a babysitter to pick up, and today to go.

Except it’s looking like there’s not today anymore.

Please pray, for him, for my mother-in-law, and for us.