The time is so fleeting with these little ones God has put in my care. There are times when I’m very thankful that it’s brief because it feels so loooonnnng (come on, if you’ve ever had young children, you know what I’m talking about!), and there are other times when I just want to freeze the frame and preserve it, so that when I’m creaky on that rocking chair out back, enjoying a quiet sunset and wishing for the chaos of my younger years, I can pull it out and enjoy it again.

That is one of the great things about blogging. On the one hand, I get to crack you up with the little quirks of my life. On the other, I can preserve it somehow (and sometimes, just typing it up will put it in a special Memory Box in my brain) so that I can look back and smile.

So here is part two to the guide to understanding our version of the English language. (Part 1 is here.)

Being-haev – As in, “Mommy, am I being-haev so that I can do such-and-thus?”

Tweezlers – A sweet treat that’s a favorite in our house, and now available in rainbow colors! (And to think, we had to settle for just plain old red!)

‘Tar – An instrument on Rock Band that’s the highlight of a trip to Best Buy (or Aunt Lissa’s house).

“I just was teasing you” – Said with a smile and a tilt of the head, right after calling me a strawberryhead.

Pokey-dotted – A description of the fish she caught last night with Daddy, the horse that walked by when she was riding a pony last weekend, or the shirt on the girl who walked by and is now her friend.

Pre-sool – That place of magic and enchantment that we talk about every. single. day. (Still undecided on homeschooling, though that’s where my heart is, to be sure.)

‘Skeeto – The reason our camp out is inside, she told us last night at dinner.

‘Member – As in, “Do you ‘member back when I was a little kid and we stayed in a hotel?”

Yesternight – A couple of days ago or last night…her sense of time is rather elastic.

Toothes (2 syllables) – What she wants to lose, like all the other kids!

‘Parkly – Goes with pink, the perfect accessory for my tomboy princess.