I have shared again and again why I call my dearly beloved Prince Charming. Today, however, he has earned a promotion of immense proportions. He is no longer merely a knight in shining armor, and it’s no longer enough to call him something nice. This man deserves a cape and some tights (or perhaps a jersey and some pads?) and his own logo, because he is now a Super Hero.

After seeing his Queen Grouch starting another night of endless nursing, he came to the overlooked conclusion that what Little Mouse needed was soothing, not nursing. And, since nothing gets by our powers of observation at 1 AM, he realized that there’s an invention for that – the pacifier. Off he went, in search of the Elusive Gadget That Would Solve Our Nighttime Problems. After an hour of fording through the crowds of factory-shift-change folks at the Store We Never Shop At Unless We’re Desperate, he came back triumphant.

And then, because he is a real Super Hero and not just a poser, he took the sound-asleep-freshly-nursed-again lass from my arms, popped that passie in her mouth, and put her in her bed, where she stayed for longer than we dared to hope (I’m not bragging, for those of you with vampires in your houses – my first one never slept at night and she was 18 months old before we had a week of sleeping through the night…we are still waiting for the bubble to burst with this new one).

So now you know. Prince Charming has left the blog. In his place is Super Hero, just as handsome and twice as clever. 🙂