Praise the Lord for…

  • my husband, my daughter, my family!
  • water in the kitchen!
  • heat in the bedroom!
  • afghans on my bed, in my living room, around the house!
  • night five in a row of sleeping all the way through!
  • the short-term sacrifice of college for Bob, and the “playtime” we’ve had while he’s there!
  • the beauty of four inches of snow, and the comfort of knowing I don’t have to go out in it until I’m ready!
  • an Easter trip awaiting!
  • one hour every week to have Jesus all to myself!
  • friends who love me and pray for and with me!
  • this blogging community, which is a place of peace and comfort in the midst of the toil of everyday life!
  • the women I work with, who inspire me daily and are the hot air making my balloon sail!
  • the rest of the things clanging around in my brain, shouting for attention!

Lord, help me to praise you more, especially when I’m tempted to quit by the whining of PoorMe and the whispering of Low Self-Esteem Days. Help me to remember to praise you for that crazy moment where my hair starts coming out in clumps because of all the yanking and I start to feel like Gumby for all the directions I’m pulled in. Thank you for carrying me and whispering love to me and believing in me. Praise you, Lord!

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