Well, I have a TON of other things to blog about, but here’s some help I could use. We just got rid of DirecTV (gasp!). We’re trying out a TiVo and we’re at the beginning of a 30-day Netflix trial.

So far, the novelty of being able to watch John Wayne whenever he wants is still shiny and awesome for my husband.

There’s also no shortage of programming for the kids…today, I introduced the girls to Rainbow Brite! Joy and delight!

However. While I like John Wayne and Rainbow Brite, I’d like to have some movies and TV shows in the queue that are…different fare.

What do you watch and what do you recommend that we try? We’ll be watching after the kids are in bed.

We enjoy Pawn Stars and American Pickers and So You Think You Can Dance. Our favorite movies right now are Secretariat, Toy Story 3, and Harry Potter. We can quote most of Christmas Vacation by heart. A few years ago, we watched four seasons of House over the course of the summer. (That was fun.)

We’re not opposed to sci-fi (but we definitely tread softly), but horror is probably not going to work. He’s not completely opposed to a romantic comedy and I’ll watch action adventure.

We’ve been really struggling with finding time to spend together, and as I enter a stretch where I can stay awake later than 9 p.m., this Netflix thing might be just the solution.

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