This week, it’s my honor to host a great blogging and real-life friend, Kate Wicker. Each day, she has agreed to tackle a question and share her wisdom and insight about motherhood and writing. I hope you enjoy spending this week with her as much as I do!  (In case you missed it, you can find her discussions on motherhood and writing and her inspiration to write.)

Share the mission of your blog, Momopoly, and why you are so dedicated to blogging.

Kate with her newest addition

Kate with her newest addition

I can’t really say what pushed me to finally start blogging. I just remember deciding to do it one day. In part, I wanted an outlet as an at-home mom. At the time I started blogging, I was slowly transitioning from doing a lot of freelance writing  to focusing more of my energies on motherhood and being the wife I felt called to be. However, I knew I could never go cold turkey and quit writing completely. I’m a brooder. I like to think about things; writing helps me think in a more ordered fashion. So I guess I started blogging just to keep writing.

But something happened along the way as I started exploring the blogosphere, reading others’ blogs, and hearing from fellow moms in the trenches. Thanks to God’s providence, the blogging world took on a greater purpose: It became a ministry to support women in their vocations as wives and mothers.

Nearly every day a stranger encourages me and reaches out to me through my blog. I’m so thankful for my faithful readers (thanks, Mom!) and anyone who stumbles across my little corner of Cyberspace and drops a line or two. Likewise, there are so many amazing blogs out there that edify me or just make me laugh. What a blessing to have access to so many people whom I never would have met if Al Gore hadn’t invented the Internet. (That last part is a joke.)

There are times when I consider giving up blogging and who knows? Maybe someday I will. But for now I find that it’s a helpful outlet for me as a mom and a writer; however, like everything in life, I do struggle with finding the right balance. Like my kids, I’m a work in progress, too, and I’m trying to allow God to be the author of my life.

…More from Kate tomorrow, when we talk priorities.