~ 1 ~

Last night, my husband asked me why I haven’t done any “Meredithisms” posts. Our two-year-old has her own language, and he’s afraid we’ll lose it as she learns to speak more clearly.

So, in that vein, here are two examples that we hear all.the.time:

“I can do it MYWELF!”

Explanations of her “wumping” on things…the couch (which is not allowed, by the way), the stuffed horse, the floor.

~ 2 ~

I’m looking for good family craft ideas, things you can do with the entire family and that would be fun. Anyone?

~ 3 ~

Last week, a friend and I took our littles (two two-year-olds and two five-year-olds) to the zoo. They have a new polar bear exhibit.

The kids were impressed. They were more impressed, though, with the face-painting.

When Daddy found out how much this little extravagance cost, he was not impressed. Good thing that friend bought a face-painting set, huh? (She happens to be an artist. We are all set with our face-painting needs.)

~ 4 ~

Trying to type a post with a wiggly two-year-old on your lap is not advisable. That’s not keeping me from doing it. But if you see a stray S:DLKJF or OIJD<E, just know that it’s not secret code. It’s just life this morning. 🙂

~ 5 ~

At the horse farm, they have THREE — three! — babies. On our last visit, we were beside ourselves. We were also nearly the only people there, aside from the staff, so we got to watch a handling session with one of them, and we got to pet them, and we got to watch them. We are already counting the hours until we go back.

(I’d post a picture or ten, but there’s some complication with getting pictures from my phone to my computer. Sigh.)

~ 6 ~

Speaking of the horse farm and riding, my five-year-old has gotten the approval to take trail rides, because she rides so well. She’s excited about that; there’s a Daddy-Daughter day later in the summer that will involve a trail ride (with her favorite guy no less!), but she’s now adding “trail rides” to her wish list.

She’s not saving her money for them, though. No, all her money is going to fund that theoretical horse she is convinced we need and must purchase.

~ 7 ~

This is my nephew, who turned one yesterday (though we went for a visit to celebrate it over Memorial Day), before:

And after:

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