The Angel, the Horse, and the Cutie Patootie

My camera is broken. It’s been broken for a while, but I only just figured out that there’s no fixing the blurry pictures. Good thing for my sister-in-law, huh?

— 2 —
Put this on your to-read list.

I am trying my best to whip through Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith, by Fr. Robert Barron, but I’m not having much success. That’s not because it’s not a terrific, fabulous, amazing book. In fact, I stand behind what I said the other day: it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year. So if you haven’t already put it on your to-read, to-buy, to-own-and-share list, do it!

— 3 —
Trying not to panic 

All of a sudden, I’m seeing SANTAS in the store.

How can this be?

Christmas is MONTHS away, right?



And…isn’t ADVENT first?

— 4 —
Advent preparation: easier said than done

Seeing as how I have a book designed to help you with your Advent, you would think I’d be prepared.

Especially since it’s newly available and I have some talks, interviews, and other Advent-preparation-themed things coming up in the next couple of weeks. You’d be WRONG.

— 5 —
My approach for pre-Advent 

I’m taking my own Advent advice from last year, especially as it relates to doing only one thing, not comparing myself to others, and smiling.

— 6 —
Novenas, novenas, novenas 

Pray More Novenas is a site after my own heart. You don’t have to rely on your RSS reader or even your ability to check the website: novenas can be delivered straight to your inbox. I hear rumor that there’s an app in the works too, and I am ALL OVER THAT, lemme tell ya!

I discovered this site last year, and though I don’t get the emails (inbox overload, anyone?), I have a good friend who has been praying along since I first mentioned it.

So there you go. Good stuff.

— 7 —
My first pie 

I shared this on Facebook and Twitter, but I nearly forgot to give myself credit for my “first” pie crust.

Apple filling, of course.

My mother-in-law did the work, and though I “helped” (especially with the eating part) and though she counts it as my first pie, I am itching to try my hand at this in my own kitchen.

(By “itching,” I mean “in a few weeks when I have to” and by “in my own kitchen” I mean to imply that I plan to have my mother-in-law standing nearby to rescue me!)

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