Jen’s hosting 7 Quick Takes today, and you might want to just move on along if you’re not one of the family members who can stand endless pictures from my life.

Take 1: Sisters (or, “I can do it TOO!”)

Take 2: Almost Outgrown (or, “Can you believe how much use they have gotten?!?”)

Take 3: New Shoes (or, “They haven’t left her feet since we bought them Friday”)

Take 4: Daddy Time (or, “Ways we get her to quack for our amusement”)

Take 5: Easter Dresses (or, “Aren’t they cute?!?”)

Take 6: Farm Girl (or, “Have tractor, will drive”)

Take 7: Blooms (or, “At least something is blooming in this Chillbowl!”)

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