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A few weeks ago, I realized that I can be sucked into TV shows. I may pretend like I’m all “only reading for me, no TV at all in my pristine, perfect world.”

Do not be fooled.

When he changes the channel from golf or NFL, I’m as sucked into Beast Hunter as the next gal.

— 2 —

You mean you don’t get sucked into Beast Hunter?

How can you not be endlessly fascinated and horrified by a biologist who will pursue a mystery even so far as subjecting himself to bullet ant stings?

I’m guessing even the Hostess with the Mostest over at Scorpion Tales would agree that these guys are worse than scorpions:

(picture from here)

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Speaking of books I’ve been reading, I’m trying something new…over at Happy Catholic Bookshelf, where I’ve been invited to post as often as my heart desires, I’m doing weekly Book Notes, covering what I’m reading.

The idea is that I can just write quickie things and thoughts about the books I’ve been reading that week.

And it keeps me from being too sporadic over at the Bookshelf.

Last week I was reading quite a pile. I’ve finished a few of those and I’m hustling to finish The Good Pope so I can review it as part of the book tour next week. Here’s this week’s set of notes.

— 4 —

Which leads me to ask: what are YOU reading?

Because I love to hear what people are reading and enjoying and hating and all of that. Talking books = good stuff, baby!

— 5 —

And, while we’re at it, what are you watching?

I’m getting sucked into X-Factor of late. That’s when I can tear myself away from NFL. (But hey, if he didn’t watch sports so much, especially during football season, my reading time would be seriously hampered!)

If my husband didn’t turn on the TV, it would just be quiet reading time all the time. Lucky for me, there is diversion in my life in the form of other people.

— 6 —

And if you like a giveaway, I have two pretty awesome-looking books up for grabs this week. You can enter through next week, and if you like them, you should!

— 7 —

On a lighter note, some person who knows me all too well shared this with me the other day:

Did you know we canned 48 pints of tomatoes last weekend? Oh, wait, is that off-topic?

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