On Fridays, I find myself torn. On the one hand, there’s the new Quick Takes Party that Jen hosts (and which I have been ever-so-rude in not including a link to in my last few Random Thoughts posts – my apologies!). You can join in the Quick Takes fun over at Jen’s place. There’s a Mr. Linky and everything. (You know, Jen from Conversion Diary? The one who sprinkles humor and theology and real-life mommyness all together for a fantastic salad of reading that is, well, addictive and down-to-earth and just plain wonderful?)

On the other, there’s Poetry Friday. You don’t have to know a lot about poetry (I certainly don’t!), and it’s waaaaay more fun than learning about/reading/interacting with poetry ever was in school!

So why didn’t I think of combining them earlier? 🙂


For Poetry Friday today, I went on over to the Poetry Foundation and typed in “Advent.” No go. (Well, nothing I wanted to share, anyway.) Then I typed in (hesitantly) “Christmas.” And I found this lovely little word image:

Christmas Tree Lots

by Chris Green
Christmas trees lined like war refugees,
a fallen army made to stand in their greens.
Cut down at the foot, on their last leg,
they pull themselves up, arms raised.
We drop them like wood;
tied, they are driven through the streets,
dragged through the door, cornered
in a room, given a single blanket,
only water to drink, surrounded by joy.
Forced to wear a gaudy gold star,
to surrender their pride,
they do their best to look alive.
Source: Poetry (December 2001).

The delights of the Poetry Friday round-up can be found over at Mommy’s Favorite Children’s Books. You can join the fun and leave a link in the combox and spend the rest of your day/evening/week clicking on links and meandering down the delightful path of reading poetry with friends, or learning about it, or getting a book recommendation, or one of a thousand other things – you just never know!


I took Monday off and had a delightful day sans kids. I came away feeling refreshed and wonderful. And then Tuesday hit. And Wednesday. And THURSDAY! Today, I’m left wondering if a day off is, in fact, really worth it. Maybe it’s the time of year (deadlines are earlier for bulletin layout, there are extra things that need done, we’re turning the office design upside-down and inside-out during our week off…). Maybe it’s me.


So I was rereading a friend’s manuscript, and loving it. Then the library called. After two – or was it three? – months of waiting, it was my turn to read Brisingr. I will admit that my friend’s manuscript is going to have to wait.


I felt compelled – quite compelled to “give up” my iPod during Advent. This is not easily done in my world. (I think my husband is still in shock.) I am finding, though, that those periods of silence – where I had been inserting podcasts – are rejuvenating.


My youngest has been cranky and fussy and inconsolable for a few weeks…very out-of-character. Quite by accident, on Tuesday, I saw a MOLAR in her mouth. Then, Wednesday, I risked my finger and prodded the other side. Another one coming in. Yeah, life is good. How quickly I had forgotten the hellfire and brimstone of cutting molars…


Is it just me, or does the entire day hinge on whether I have time – MAKE time – for my morning prayers? The rosary is the very least I need in order to be fueled up for the day. I have been learning this the hard way. And learning the hard way SUCKS.


We haven’t decorated yet. But tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day (so we’re putting shoes out tonight) and I don’t think I can hold them off any longer. The Jesse Tree, the waiting to decorate, the real observance of Advent…we’ll be better next year. Maybe.