This post started as a listing of books I have been meaning to review. Then I realized two things:

(1) I was not going to have time this week to get said post written, especially not if it was to make sense,


(2) Maybe the best way to tell you about the great books I have read lately isn’t in a big laundry list.

Because of that, I’ll be taking a week soon, or maybe a few days each week for the next few weeks, to catch up on book reviews. I’m rubbing my hands together just thinking about it.


Is May really half over?

OK, I’ll admit it: I’m in denial. I haven’t even started the big project I had planned to finish this month!


One of my struggles lately is with figuring out what, exactly, our routine is going to be. Some major things in my life have changed lately, one of which is a pregnancy. I have been trying to approach this time of transition as just that…a time to reflect and adjust, reflect and adjust.

A book I’m finding very helpful is the new Small Steps for Catholic Moms, by Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss. I’ve been unable to wake at my usual wee early hour, and this book is just the supplement and reminder I’ve needed to remember my priorities. It’s also a small commitment each day, which is about what I can handle during my morning prayer time right now.


I’m not a jewelry person, though after I checked out On This Day Designs, I became one. I blame Lisa Hendey, who recommended I contact the fine folks who own On This Day Designs to ask them if they would donate a giveaway for this month’s Marian-themed giveaway at CatholicMom.com.

They said yes, to the tune of a rosary, a bracelet, a necklace, and Immaculate Heart of Mary earrings (which are very similar to the Our Lady of Guadalupe earrings I purchased and wear almost daily).

I get nothing for raving about these handmade pieces of loveliness. They didn’t ask me to post a review of their easy-to-navigate site.

I just love them. 🙂


Speaking of that May giveaway at CatholicMom.com, you can enter all month long. So…if you haven’t entered yet…GO NOW! ENTER! There are some great items, including beautiful rosaries, some of my favorite Mary books and Tupperware that I can personally recommend (identical pieces are in my cupboard being put to good use, as a matter of fact).

There’s also an offer for half-price shipping to everyone who contacts the Tupperware consultant listed and mentions the giveaway. So really, while you’re there figuring out how to do that, why not just pop your name into the comments? You never know…you might just win! 🙂


Lately, my five-year-old has been obsessed interested in playing “Green Face” (PBS Kids). I’ve been yielding some computer time for her, in part because I discovered that she was learning multiplication on the Cyberchase game she was playing one day, and in part because it’s a good test of my focus when I’m doing work on my computer. She will wait patiently, but she always seems to sense when I’m playing blogging doing something that’s not “work.”


I have been really enjoying the series of guest posts that have been running here in the last few weeks, thanks to the generosity of some amazing writers and contributors. (There are some great ones in the line-up too! Make sure you check back on Tuesday!) Since I’ve only ever put the offer out on Twitter and Facebook, I thought I’d offer here as well…if you would like to write a guest post, send me an email (sarah [a.t.] snoringscholar [d-o-t] com).

You’ll find more Quick Takes (and plenty of great reading) over at Conversion Diary.