— 1 —

Ashley Collins (who I interviewed a few weeks ago at CatholicMom.com) cracks me up.

What do you think of his reality show idea?

There should be a way to insert Jen Fulwiler and Danielle Bean in there, I think, and get me outta there. Then again, I’ll bet it would be lotsa fun!!!

— 2 —

I’ve raved about Duluth Trading before (and my husband swears by their products), but their new manimator is just. too. much.

I may or may not have spent an embarrassing amount of time playing around on it the other night. And I may or may not have emailed the result to my husband. At work.

Haven’t heard whether he found that amusing or not…

— 3 —

And since we’re talking Duluth, and since they’re advertising on channels that are watched by the menfolk in my life, here’s a laugh, from me to you.

{Video link}

And I get NOTHIN for recommending these jeans, but my husband has forbidden me to buy any others for him. Ever. That gusset thing? Apparently it works.

— 4 —

Advent = soon.

I’m not so upbeat about that.

What’s your best Advent recommendation?

I’m going to compile a list of some of our favorites for next week, I think (or later…we’ll see…is there some holiday involving a meal I’m cooking sometime soon…hmm…?).

— 5 —

Just another day with Destructoboy:

— 6 —

And here’s a picture from two-plus years ago, when my nieces were mere meatballs, I was newly pregnant with that boy up there, and I discovered the joys of this doohickey contraptiony scooter:

Someone tell my sister-in-law I posted it, wouldja? We had a conversational bet about whether or not I would.

— 7 —

My pick of the week, because I’m just stumped for #7:

Dave Pell’s NextDraft

Even my news-chompin friend loves his stuff. And me, the anti-news-hound (I live in a carefully constructed cave-bubble), gobble up his emails and links every single day.

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