I just hung out a load of towels. Outside. On the line. In November. In Ohio. And I might hang out jeans later. High of 75 today…and this is the third or fourth day in a row of this crazy weather. No complaining (for once) from me!


Said I to the three-year-old: “You can wear shoes with no socks.”
Said she: “But Mooommmm. It’s fall!”
And then, perhaps thinking her luck wouldn’t hold much longer, she ran and got her shoes.


On the parish voice mail: robovoices with election information. Only a handful (thankfully).
In the parish emails (all of them, near as I can tell): “Father, will you view this video and share it with your flock?” About 18 or so of them, as of yesterday.


Our little slice of election heaven will have three little old farm wives and no line, pretty much no matter when I go. And that, my friends, ROCKS. I’ll take the kids in, they’ll hold the baby, maybe entertain the three-year-old (and maybe I will let her push the buttons – Daddy did that last year), and I’ll be in and out. (Not trying to rub it in; I’m just super-extremely blessed out here in the boonies.)


And, because I’m in a listing kind of mood this morning…

What I should do this afternoon:
parish bulletin layout
more laundry
play outside with kids
pick up the house
make sure dinner’s ready

What I will do this afternoon:
vote (on the way home)
parish bulletin layout (it is, after all, part of my job!)
something outside (75 degrees!!!)
perhaps some of the other things from above list, perhaps not 🙂