I’m waaaaaay behind on blog-reading (and blog-writing too…have you noticed?). While I miss it, I know it’s still there. I need the morning time, especially lately, for praying – that has been my life vest through the waters of my crazy waters life.


Did you hear some kids screaming at Mass last weekend? Yeah, mine. The youngest, in fact. You know, the one who’s been dubbed, since about day two, as “laid back”? Said Padre, two weeks ago, after Mass, “Why, if it isn’t that little leaky temple of the Holy Spirit!”

Thanks, Padre. That’s just what I needed to remember!


Since I’m “baring all,” I might as well point out that I’m at work right now. I should be working, but I’m blogging. But, if we consider blogging as work, then it’s OK. Or not. (That fine line between personal and parish…) On the other hand, I have had this rattling around in my head for about an hour, and I might explode – as with a sneeze – if I don’t just let it out. The five minutes I’m going to spend on this will allow me to focus on the other items I need to do thsi morning… (That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!)


Aside from the one game I attended earlier this season (and which we left early), I haven’t watched any Ohio State football. The “big game” is this Saturday. Will I watch it? Hmmm. Honestly, though some of you may take away my diploma, I’m not sure.


I’ve been trying to put up a review for every book I’ve read this year, as I’ve read it. But there are a few that don’t fit in. David Sedaris’s Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, for example – yeah, it cracked me up. But that’s not much of a review. And the Charlotte Mason books…well, they’re great. But, again, that’s not a very helpful (or a very convincing) review. (And yes, these are the things that keep me up at night!)


And speaking of books, I finished Twilight on Monday night. I am planning (hoping) to review it soon, but I am trying to craft my words carefully, because, if I’m honest, it’s a mixed review. Enough said for now…


When I start a project, especially a computer-related project, I am unable! to! stop! until it’s done. So on Sunday, a day when I often do not get online much, I started tweaking my template. And there I was, hours later, when Bob joked to me that it was time to come out of my “man cave.” But, thankfully, the template is tweaked AND all my Christmas music is in my iTunes (though I will stubbornly refuse to start listening to it until late to mid-December!). So. Peace of mind (in a manner of speaking). 🙂