The fact that Randy Hain has a new book out isn’t surprising. The man writes books at a rate that only Stephen King or Dean Koontz can keep up with. (I’m exaggerating, but only slightly.)

What is rather remarkable is that, once again, I find myself floored by what Randy’s done. I thought his best book was Journey to Heaven, and I still stand by what I said: it was the best work he’s done.

Until now.

cover-Special Children Blessed Fathers

What Randy’s done with his latest book, Special Children, Blessed Fathers is something I think many, many people will benefit from. It’s a book for dads that moms need too.

I loved it so much I interviewed Randy two different ways in two different places.

At, Randy and I talked about why he wrote the book and what benefits it brings to readers. (That’s a dry way of saying it, I agree. The interview, though, is far more interesting.)

I think dads, moms, grandparents and anyone looking to better understand families with special needs children will find the book interesting and helpful.  The book was both a labor of love and a testimony to the fruit that comes from obeying God’s will.  This book has been blessed from the beginning with an enthusiastic publisher, contributed chapters from Catholic author friends of mine who have children with special needs and the miracle of time to pull it all together with my busy schedule.  My hope is that the men and women who read the book will be strengthened in their vocation as parents and see these special children as true blessings in their lives.

On my Register blog, Randy answered yet more questions (I’m full of them) about the book and what’s in it. I also asked him what his favorite part of the book is.

My favorite part of the book is the last chapter which describes a powerful moment I observed when a young man with autism took his first turn as a lector in our parish.  The courage of this young man and the loving parish support he received to have this moment of triumph in his young life was one of the most inspiring moments I have ever witnessed.  I will let you read the story for yourself, but it always brings a tear to my eye when I think about it.

This is the kind of book you end up treasuring. I owe a thank you to every man who contributed and to Randy for pulling it together.