Have you ever found yourself longing to read the Bible more, or maybe wanting to read it better? Do you find yourself stammering out a Bible verse but unable to cite where it came from, maybe even not quite sure what it really means? Are you unable to attend local Bible studies, whether because of other obligations or because they don’t exist?

And wait, while we’re asking ourselves questions like this, have you ever considered what might be holding you back? Do you have this feeling that it’s time for a change? Are you ready for something that’s totally beyond the “let’s read the Bible together and discuss it” format?

Let me introduce you to something EXCITING!

Walking Toward Eternity: Engaging the Struggles of Your Heart, written by Jeff and Emily Cavins and available through Ascension Press, has me looking at my Bible in a whole new way and even considering studying it in a whole new way.


According to the press package,

Walking Toward Eternity is a Catholic adult faith formation program that seeks to help people hear God’s Word to them in the prayerful reading of Scripture and to apply it, one step at a time, to real situations.

For me, the subtitle says it all: this is a Bible study about the struggles we face from within.

The topics include appetites, shame, envy, anger fear, loneliness, and hopelessness. The topics are based on “where our hearts are at, what we’re struggling with in our lives,” said Jeff Cavins in introductory session.

The study itself has a few different components.

There are eight two-hour group sessions, complete with a DVD presentation by Jeff Cavins. Then there is a journal that guides participants in prayerful reading for 10-15 minutes each day.

Walking Toward Eternity involves reading Scripture and interacting with it in a way that I’ve never seen done successfully. I’ve heard the theories of lectio divina, and I’ve attended parish Bible studies teaching it.

And I’ve NEVER succeeded.

Read more over at CatholicMom.com about why I think I’ll succeed with this.