I know that the title of this post should read “quickly.” And though I would say it that way as a big grammar geek, I still kept it as “quick.” The very fact that it warrants its own point in this post probably tells you as much as you need to know about my love/obsession/unhealthy relationship with grammar. Nuff said.

The Holy Spirit has been a-movin’ and a-shakin’ in my life lately, and especially this week. How do I know? Let’s just say there have been some two-by-fours involved, though I think there have also been some pillows cushioning the blows.

A few months ago, I started praying a daily rosary, for a special intention that I’ve continued to pray for but which has also been joined by a few others. As I tried to figure out where that rosary would fit into my day, I decided (read as: God pointed out to me through a revelation that felt like a block dropping on my toe) to start my day, every day, with the rosary, no matter how late I might be running, how tired I might be, how much I might not feel like it.

I really don’t know how things stand with that intention that inspired me to start this. I don’t know that I will ever know. However, I can tell you that there have been some major changes in me.

Speaking of changes, I’ve noticed, especially in the last month, that I’m a lot more peaceful about my life. I thought at first this must be because life had slowed down, things had been cut from the schedule, there was less on my plate. Last week (or was it this week?), I realized that wasn’t so. Things are just as busy, life is just as stressful, my plate has tasks and reminders and work piled as high as it ever has been. No, what’s different is my approach. Starting the day with prayer — and not just “Hey God, good morning,” but a disciplined schedule (for lack of a better term) — has really made the difference.

Yesterday, I had a few moments before dinner prep, while the kids were occupied (one of them sleeping, one of them vegging), and I did a tweet referring to one of my closest friends as my BFF. After I wrote it, I collapsed into helpless laughter on the floor. “I can’t believe I just typed that!” I thought. I didn’t call her to tell her, but I’m writing it here, so she’ll find out about it. And I suspect she will also collapse into laughter. Then, without a doubt, we’ll both start using that phrase. My money’s on the fact that we’ll laugh every. single. time. we use it. 🙂

I have a young friend, age five, who I call Violet. (That’s not her real name. It’s almost as lovely as her real name, but not quite.) I nicknamed her Violet, in my head, specifically for the purpose of blogging about her. I got the idea for the name from a very delightful series of books. Prince Charming and I read (and listened to) them together a few years ago, and oh, my, they are wonderful. They have influenced my humor, my way of talking, my approach to reading to kids. Anyway, about my young friend…I saw her yesterday at BFF’s house. And she hugged me and talked with me and curled up beside me as I read a book to my daughter and her younger sister. And I realized something amazing: it’s possible to be an aunt to someone you’re not related to.

And I had a moment of thanking God for that little blonde head and the face watching mine as I read.

One of the best things in my life, now and for a long time to come, is hearing my girls get themselves giggling. Usually Miss Muffet starts it, getting in Toddlerina’s face and making some wacky noise. Sometimes it gets started when Miss Muffet starts chasing Toddlerina. It doesn’t matter. Hearing them laugh and giggle is grand. It makes me forget all about the interrupted sleep and outfit battles and eating trials. It’s a soundtrack I wish I could record and which I try, every so often, to get on audio. Someday I’m going to want that sound again, that reminder of small heads and hands.

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