Stealing Jenny, by Ellen Gable

I mentioned it a while ago, but wanted to bring it up again because it is now available for purchase. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and probably destroy your sleep pattern as you stay up to find out what happens. But beyond being a great suspense, it’s also an excellent example of morals in action and family life redeemed. As a fan of Ellen Gable’s work already, I’m now officially getting a t-shirt!


Weightless: Making Peace with Your Body, by Kate Wicker

Weightless is the kind of book I need to buy in bulk, because it’s the kind of book I think just about every woman I know needs to read. What woman hasn’t questioned her physical appearance, wondered if she should change, felt a prick of unsurety in the face of a full-length mirror?

Kate Wicker is no stranger to body image issues, and she speaks to the reader as if to a close friend–the kind of friend you can tell the hard stuff to, with complete honesty. Kate shares her struggles candidly, even as she pushes you to seek the higher way.

Kate speaks to the hidden part of each of us, to that small voice that whispers, when we least need it, that our butt’s too big or that he can find someone better looking (as though that’s his top priority anyway). Kate brings the love of Jesus to her readers, even as she makes you smile and want to hug her.

Don’t miss this book. Every woman I know deserves a copy.


Wholly Mary: Mother of God, by Chris Padgett

This book was a delightful surprise and testament to the fact that there is always something more to say about the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Padgett’s words are vivid and he describes deep theology with a sense of humor and complete humility, a combination I found both unexpected and enjoyable.

Whether you have a devotion to Mary or are looking to learn more, I recommend this book as a great addition for your personal (and parish!) library.


A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: 52 Companions for Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul, by Lisa Hendey

Over the years, I’ve come to know and love Lisa Hendey. It was a joy and a blessing to read her latest book.

Lisa inspires me with her intimate view of the saints. She not only makes them accessible and relateable from a mom’s point of view, she brings us an opportunity to learn more about the saints in a way that’s uniquely suited for the nitty-gritty of everyday family life. You’ll experience the saints as real people even as you grow in your faith journey.

One of my favorite books this year, and perfect for a group study, an individual devotional, or a gift.

So don’t wait. Preorder it now.


I’m currently reading an upcoming novel by Karina Fabian (who I met in person–at last!–in August).

Oh wow.

She is so converting me to “speculative fiction” (because I’m more likely to read it if it’s not called sci fi/fantasy, and I realize that probably makes me silly or shallow…but there you have it).


Speaking of books, today’s the LAST DAY of the Marian Novena of Giveaways at CatholicMom.com.

And WHAT a last day it is!

Stop in, pray with us, and enter to win a great book.

Then pray some more.


My #1 fan told me the other night that he’s disappointed lately when he reads my 7 Quick Takes posts.

“I always hope for pictures. And there are never pictures anymore.”

This is for him (and for those of you who might not have “liked” me on Facebook yet).

Stop by to see Jen at Conversion Diary for all the fun that is 7 Quick Takes Friday!