Dear God,

Tis the week before Holy Week, and how has my Lent gone? I feel that I’ve slept through this Lent – or perhaps sleepwalked. Maybe this is the desert; maybe this is the lesson. I know that giving something up for Lent can be juvenile, but on years I don’t, I find myself missing it. There is something to be said for denying yourself, for suffering (however little it may be), for the discipline this imposes.

So much of what I intended to do this Lent has come to nothing – I’ve not made it to daily Mass, I’ve struggled with the Bible study and Full of Grace reading and extra work, I’ve not really picked up Faustina’s diary for weeks!

So I bring my failure to you, God, and I ask you to help me forgive myself and improve in some small way during what’s left of Lent.