It’s been one of those mornings where I’m dragging and dragging and dragging. I’m so glad, then, that one of the things I picked up early on was Karen Edmisten‘s Through the Year with Mary: 365 Reflections.

Because I needed this:

We may well believe that the most sacred Virgin Our Lady received so much pleasure in carrying her little Jesus in her arms, that delight beguiled weariness, or at least made it agreeable; for if a branch of agnus castus can solace and unweary travellers, what solace did not the glorious Mother receive in carrying the immaculate Lamb of God?

– St. Francis de Sales

I also needed Karen’s little thought underneath:

With Mary as my guide, may I always let “delight beguile the weariness” that may accompany my vocation.

So instead of noticing, with every single moment, how much I’m feeling wearing, burdened, tired, and, well, icky, I’m going to try to notice the sunshine and the bright smiles, the precious moments and the song of the birds, the glitter of daily joy and the hilarity of life in the present moment.

Or something like that.