God has a plan. I know, I should know that by now. But it’s hard to remember. It’s a fine line between sounding like a clueless Pollyanna and a faithful Christian who trusts God.

Trusting God is hard.
I’m struggling with it, but it’s a familiar struggle. In between cleaning things up and addressing the things that got dropped this week due to other things that needed my immediate and full attention, I’ve been shaking my fist a bit at God. I’ve been praying some not-so-pretty prayers – maybe it would be more honest just to call them rants aimed heavenward. Hey, if the Psalmist could do it, so can I.

Where, exactly, is God leading me? I’m not sure, to tell you the truth. But I have to work on trusting him. Even when it’s hard. Even when there are difficult people scattered in my path. Even when it seems silly (read as: when the other path seems so obvious). You know what, though? I don’t have to know where God is leading! I don’t have to know. We won’t get there any safer, any faster, any better, just because I know.

Thanks, God, for loving me. This week, in the midst of one of the most interesting and challenging trials I have yet faced as a parish professional and woman-friend-mother, someone stepped up and showed me what it is to minister to a friend. She shared her time, her energy, and her love…and she was the very voice of God quite a few times. She made me gaze heavenward (in part because she made my hour of Adoration possible this week) and thank God for loving me so much. The trials and tribulations are going to come no matter what. In the midst of life, we can find God’s grace…and this week, to see those many graces and blessings, I needed the help of this friend.

And thank you
to everyone who joined us in praying for Mike and Kristi and their unborn baby. The baby, forever in our hearts, was held first by our Heavenly Father, and though we grieve, we look forward to meeting him or her on that wonderful Someday. Please keep Mike and Kristi in your prayers, if you don’t mind.