I never make New Year’s resolutions. But Michelle got me started with the monthly resolutions, and the process of doing that for almost a year has had me thinking, in the last week, that I really do have some things that I want to work on in the coming year, things that I want to improve and change about myself and my conscious choices in life. I’m sharing them here because that keeps me honest. Writing them down and posting them on my blog gives me an audience, and that makes me accountable.

1. Get a spiritual director – This has been on my mind/heart for about a year now. (I’m not a fast mover, huh?) Maybe I’ll just keep going to the same one I had a few years ago; there was nothing wrong with our relationship, really, I just came across a woman who inspired me and made me think, “Oh wow, I should go to her for spiritual direction” last year, and I talked to my SD at the time and he gave it the go-ahead. I just haven’t done anything with it. This year, I will!

2. Read Church documents – I keep my nose in a book, but what about all those Church documents I keep meaning to read? Well, this is the year to get in the habit of rotating them through and reading them just as diligently as I do the books on my to-read shelf. My goal is to read at least one a month, and I’m starting already, thanks to a comment and an offer to read with me. 🙂

3. Start an exercise program of some sort – No reason other than the embarrassment at being winded just climbing my (45-degree angle) stairs or running out to my car.

4. A date with Prince Charming at least once a month – It’s not as though I consider any of these resolutions optional, but this one least of all. We have two kids now, he has a new job that demands more of his time (in part because of the commute), and I’m zipping and zapping just like I always have been…time together is at a higher premium than it ever has been. I’ve heard the advice before (and I can’t remember where), and imprinted it on my brain, that when you’re in a hurry or running late, you’re in most need of slowing down (alternatively, pray one hour every day; when you’re busy, pray two). I think there’s a corollary for marriage, and it involves spending time together. This year, I’m going to make this my special project!

5. Writing – I’ve blathered on about my aspirations before. This year, I plan to work a little harder and focus on more than just an essay a day on my blog. (But don’t go thinking this blog is going anywhere, because it’s not!) I don’t know how to quantify this, so I’m not going to try. This is in God’s hands anyway (without him, I would pretty much have kept my light under a bushel, but he gave me Prince Charming as a cheerleader (very handsome one at that!) and many other graces and opportunities). So, as with so many things in my life, I’ll let him do the driving while I do the passenger-ing. 🙂

And that’s it. Five resolutions. It makes me wince a little, but they’re each things I have told myself I would do in the last six months, but I haven’t. So here we go, making them official and letting the world see them. Here’s to 2008!