The dignity of our soul is that of a shrine. We have the duty of preserving it so that we may not fail the Presence that wants to shine in us, so that we may keep the treasure entrusted to us for our brothers.

Eating, drinking, sleeping, finally being a consumer, cannot be enough for us. We need to give.

The person is a center of initiatives. It wants to be the source as it must be the end. Something must be born through us in the universe, something which could not exist without us. We are truly human beings only when we make more truth and more love radiate in the world…

When we see things in depth as well as when we become aware of the tragic powerlessness to organize the temporal in spite of having an incredibly perfect technology at our disposal, it seems that humanity has rarely testified more violently to its spiritual vocation, felt more painfully the need for this divine society, where each one could, through a truly personal action and in an infinite work, express in an unlimited way all the energies of its soul, the need for this divine society which haunted the dreams of the prophets like a vision of peace and which is really the Church as Christ conceived it.

Father Maurice Zundel