Three hours ago, I was not in a good place mentally. In fact, twelve hours ago I wasn’t either. I was reflecting on Jesus saying “QUIET! Be calm!” to the storm in this weekend’s Gospel reading (Mark 4:35-41) and how I would really appreciate him taking care of the storms that have cropped up in my recent life. Am I being dramatic? Probably.

Jesus piped up this morning, just in the last three hours. He did it using the angels he often has to use with me – the women in my life. I have been trying to write about these amazing women in my life for at least two weeks now, with no success. I always seem to be rather English-essay-ish and not so true-to-how-it-is. The fact is, these women are my therapists in so many ways, and they are totally Jesus saying “QUIET! Be calm!” to the storms of the last fifteen hours.

What would I do without these women friends of mine? How would I stay out in the boat, hanging on during the crashes of thunder and the peals of lightning and the drenching downpours? They show me how I am to trust in God, and they always point me back to Mother Mary, whose intercession I should be seeking just at these difficult times. They pray with me, they hold me, they talk me through my hacking, hiccuping sobs. They praise me for what I do well, they suggest ways to improve, and they perform the acts of mercy that I need. They remind me what it means to have a network of amazing women friends, and today, I know that I need them more than ever.

I hope you are surrounded by angels like these in your life too. I’m willing to bet you are. Most of us are, whether we know it or not. Call them up and tell them thanks. Say a little prayer for them.

Now, I’m off to do my “real job” and to have another soothing cup of coffee while She-Who-Would-Not-Sleep-Last-Night decides, at last, to nap.