Outside my window: It’s a sunny Saturday morning. Should I do laundry? Should I wake the baby? Should I sit outside while I drink my coffee?

Around the house: Actually, I’m typing this from the bathroom, because the only other awake person is my three-year-old, who needed a bath.

In my kitchen: Boxes. Though not as many of them as there WILL be…

In my thoughts: My thoughts are whirring and yet strangely silent. I’m mostly reflecting on Advent, because that’s the writing deadline I’m dealing with right now (it’s a piece similar to Welcome Baby Jesus).

In my plans: The baby is getting on a better routine this week. Because, with the potential of moving, a couple of huge writing deadlines, and some other things, I needed something else, right? Yes, I thought you’d agree.

In thanksgiving: For our new home, which is an answer to prayer in so many ways.

In my prayers: For a positive attitude, even in the face of uncertainty (MUST closings be eleventh-hour experiences? Everyone says that’s just how it is.). For a friend who’s grieving in silence. For a

Nose inserted: I’m reading A Biblical Walk Through the Mass: Understanding What We Say and Do in the Liturgy, by Edward Sri, and WOW. I expect to have it finished this week, but the lack of sleep has been REALLY impeding my reading time. (So the way I’m thinking of it is that it’s my opportunity to be thankful for the baby. Reading time will come later.)

I have also been reading, a bit at a time, Introduction to the Devout Life, by St. Francis de Sales, with a dear friend. We’re about seven chapters in, and I’m loving it.

Recent reads: Recently, I finished I Will Remember You: My Catholic Guide Through Grief, by Kimberly Schuler. I was impressed with it, and though it’s written for people much younger than me (grades K-5th, I believe), I thought it had great ideas. (Full review soon, I promise.)

I also finished The Face of God: The Rediscovery of the True Face of Jesus, by Paul Badde, and I can’t wait to write about it. I’ll be doing at least a full review, but I think I have more in me (and I had a chance to interview the author a while back, so there’s potential for lots of fun writing!).

A favorite thing: The way my girls love the baby and the way he loves them back.

Food for thought: “Christian life begins with a call and is itself always a response, until the end…The Lord has called each of us; each is called by name. God is so great that He has time for each of us. He knows me, He knows each of us by name, personally…We must meditate on this mystery again and again: God, the Lord, has called me, He calls me, He knows me and awaits my response as He awaited Mary’s response, as He awaited the response of the Apostles.” -Pope Benedict XVI, via BenedictEveryday.com

Worth a thousand words: Courtesy of my friend Walt in email, full story about the weather in Namimbia and South Africa here.

Shelf Clouds in South Africa