Last week, my three-year-old [who’s now four!] realized that the place between her eyes where she had scratched was bleeding. It was the cause of much drama and concern. A band-aid wouldn’t work; it was too big and it “touched” her eyes. I ended up wadding up a little piece of toilet paper and sticking it there, just as I remember seeing my dad do when he would cut himself shaving.

When I pulled off the toilet paper, we had more drama. “But it’s BLEEDING!” she insisted. “What will HAPPEN?!”

I assured her that a scab would form – was, in fact, already starting to form.

“BUT I DON’T LIKE SCABS!” (Well, neither do I.)

I continued, as best I could, to explain to her about how a scab is the body’s band-aid. “The skin underneath will be fixed. The scab is protecting it. Then it’s going to fall off. You just watch.”

All week, she kept an eye on that scab.

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