So often, I focus on where I’m going, what I’m going to accomplish, the end being in sight. So often, I see the finish line and the straight line to get there, and they become my Holy Grail. Nothing else matters.

Until the interruptions start, that is.

These interruptions, of late, are directly linked to being a mother. Motherhood, it seems, is a series of interruptions linked together by the spontaneous kisses, gentle hugs, triumphant laughs, and sweet moments of childhood. The interruptions are standard things – scraped knees, hunger, potty-breaks, sudden emergencies, dramatic interludes, affection breaks. It won’t be long, though, before they grow into something different, replacing one thing for another and changing the relationship as we go.

My challenge is to take these interruptions as the gift they are and to not see them as pesky. I must remind myself that Toddler-tron is only temporarily small and that these are moments I will cherish later.