Now that my first grader is discovering that she not only likes to be read to, but that she can read all by herself, I find myself always on the lookout for good books. I especially love to find good Catholic books, but…well, it’s hard to find things that are as appealing as what’s at the library or the bookstore.

I was delighted when I discovered the Sisters of the Last Straw series.

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They’re not for everyone: I have read plenty of commenters and people who will be offended or out-of-sorts by this order of religious sisters. I found them rather delightful, though, and I bid those of a more serious, less humorous bent to avoid them altogether.

Do they highlight bad habits too much? Some might say yes. Are they a bit predictable? Well, it is middle grade fiction. Could the concept be better? Not for me.

One of the faults I find with too many of the people I know is the tendency to put other people, especially people perceived as “holy,” on a pedestal, whether it’s the women in the faith-sharing group, the family in the front pew at church, or the religious sister or priest or pastor.

What these books do, and what I love about them, is make religious sisters real people. They’re as normal as you and I. They battle bad habits and have foibles and even face unfair neighbors who don’t like them.

I’m putting these in my nine-year-old’s hands and letting her go. I have no doubt I’ll hear some chuckles while she’s reading and that she’ll have plenty of questions and comments to share with me after she’s done.

What can I say? I liked them.